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We take it all back


No sooner do we have a go at their selection of beer than the owners reinvent Eat17 in Walthamstow as a sort of lounge/bar/cafe/restaurant kind of thing, with its own locally brewed house beer.

Eat17 IPA is made by Brodie’s of Leyton, a brewery we want desperately to succeed, although the beers aren’t always to our taste. With this beer, they’ve really struck gold — it’s very pale, spritzy and floral and really very much like a cask ale.

We’ll stop going on about Walthamstow now.

3 replies on “We take it all back”

Tried it today and found it far too fizzy. Good to see a local restaurant supporting a local brewery but could be so much better (needs perhaps a more malty base to deal with food) . Talked to barman today about a porter or stout to pair with the inevitable winter stews! Still good to see brodies branching out as I like the brewery (though not their over 21 rule!).

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