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We’ve been out of action with flu this week. When you’re on Tamiflu, you’re advised to avoid booze. That’s surprisingly easy because one of the symptoms of the flu is loss of appetite which, in our experience, extends to alcohol.

In fact, the thought of drinking still makes us feel a bit queasy.

Let’s hope that lingering side effect passes soon or this blog could end up being a bit pointless.

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Alan had pneumonia once on a rainy camping trip. Went to the doctor:

Alan: can I have beer with this penicillin?
Doctor: I don’t recommend it.
Alan: I didn’t ask if you recommend it. Will it mess up the medicine?
Doctor: You can have the beer, kid.

Get well.

Yes,not pleasant!we’ve all had the winter puking virus:beer has been the least of my worries for days. I finally had a glass tonight-in all honesty it wasn’t the heroic homecoming I’d envisaged, and I’d have done better with a nice cup of tea. Get well soon.

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