At least one decent beer in Luebeck


Brauberger in Luebeck is a brewpub in a lovely old building in a quaint part of the old town. There are various implications that the brewery and the pub are pretty ancient although, when you get down to it, the beermats suggest it was founded in 2006.

Nonetheless, the keller is very cosy and their one beer, a hazy yellow zwickl served in tall  straight glasses with handles, is actually pretty good. It’s definitely a step up from the standard modern German brewpub fare. It has a distinctly yeasty flavour but in a good way — refreshing and slightly fruity rather than overpowering and dusty. A mild bitterness at the end makes it a lively accompaniment to the hearty food.

In short, don’t go out of your way to try it, but if you’re in Luebeck, Brauberger is definitely worth a visit.

Luebeck itself is a fascinating and sometimes beautiful place, if a little quiet after the Danish coach parties have departed. If, like us, you sometimes visit places for reasons other than beer, we’d recommend a night or two.

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I thought you’d like Luebeck. I remember the brewpub, not the beer though. Rather claustrophobic I thought and candlelit when we were there, which made it vaguely spooky rather than cosy.

Was it quiet when you went? It was pretty busy on our visit which undercut any potential for spookiness. Another thing I thought was interesting was how working class the crowd was — not something you’d particularly expect in a brewpub in Britain.

Oh, and a nun having her plate filled with meat at a German carvery is a sight everyone should see at least once.

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