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Moor Half and Half with the Old Man

The George at Middlezoy is the country pub I’ve been trying to find for some time, not least because it’s one of the few pubs in Somerset I’ve come across that actually sells beer from the Moor Brewery at Ashcott.

On Boxing Day, it was lively and cosy. The landlord and landlady went out of their way to make us feel welcome — there was none of the Slaughtered Lamb atmosphere I’ve become used to in Somerset village pubs. There was some quiet live music and a huge stack of boardgames to keep us entertained. If they hadn’t closed at 4pm, we’d have stayed all day.

Tip: Old Freddie Walker makes a cracking half-and-half with Butcombe Bitter!

Warning: JJJ IPA (9%) is too strong to drink by the pint. Hurgh.


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Used to live in Chedzoy until 1998 so knew the George pretty well — glad to see it’s still going well. Don’t know if you’re still in the area but the County in Taunton has Moor beer in bottle; I reckon Justin has done wonders. I don’t know about JJJ — I managed it in the Canal in Nottingham in March.

Adrian — I’m back in London now but will check out the County next time I’m down. I only had a full pint of JJJ because my Dad was too much of a wuss to drink his half….

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