That's never pils!


Groeninger Brauhaus is Hamburg’s other brewpub. It offers a Bavarian-style wheat beer (surprise, surprise) and a pils, which at least makes a change from a zwickl.

The weird thing is that, without getting too into style guide territory, the pils simply isn’t one. It’s brown, sweet and has very low carbonation. It’s ok, a bit like a bland alt bier. If we were to try to describe the flavour we’d say it had some soft caramel, but that’s about it — there’s certainly no hop character.

These brewpubs are often are huge but this one really takes the biscuit. It was a cross-country hike to get to the loo and there were room after room with tables reseved for 35 or more. Some tables were in huge old barrels, which was cool. And, of course, several roast pigs on the counter.

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