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Bottled Beer at St Pancras

Just a quick one — if you find yourself passing through Kings Cross St Pancras Station and in need of a decent bottle of beer or two, then Sourced is a wee shop with a pretty impressive selection. Impressive for a train station, anyway.

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I saw this a few weeks ago when this place opened – as you say it has the best choice of beers that I’ve seen in a shop at a railway station – and plenty of cheese too.

Slowly but surely that end of the station is starting to come to life a bit more…

Excellent! Me and my wife are staying near Kings Cross/St Pancras at the end of this month.

Any other recommended beer shops in London? Utobeer is already in our schedule 🙂

A few years ago, if you’d told me you were staying near King’s Cross, I’d have been worried, but it’s much improved these days.

Which pubs are on your agenda? You’ll only be a short bus or tube ride from the Charles Lamb in Islington which is well worth a look.

As for other beer shops, there’s the Real Ale shop in Twickenham (name escapes me, and it’s a bit of a hike). Utobeer really is the best for choice, though.

“few years ago, if you’d told me you were staying near King’s Cross, I’d have been worried, but it’s much improved these days.”

I realised that after the hotel was already booked. So I hope your right about these improvments 🙂

On our beer related agenda so far: Guided tour at Fuller´s, shopping att Utobeer and hopfully time enough to visit some of (or all) of these pubs: Wenlock Arms, The Bree Louise, Pembury Tavern, Jerusalem Tavern, Gunmakers, The Rake, Market Porter, Royal Oak and maybe some Fuller´s or Young´s pub. Maybe we´ll check out Charles Lamb to.

Is it possible to find any good beers at supermarkets in London?

The bigger supermarkets outside central London often have very good beer selections but the small ones in the city centre not so much. Marks & Spencer have some interesting regional beers in most of their stores (Beer Nut has reviewed them all, I think). There’s also a small specialist beer store at Army & Navy Stores (House of Fraser) on Victoria Street, about five minutes from Parliament Square.

Get some of the Fuller’s vintage ales after your tour.
The Jerusalem Tavern has takeaway bottles of the ales you don’t have the time to drink while visiting.

That’s what we’d like to know! Before Christmas, we found it at the Mad Bear and Bishop (or whatever it’s called) at Paddington Station and at the Royal Oak.

Fullers London Porter is a permanent beer at The Jugged Hare in Pimlico. A damn fine porter it is too!

I think cask is limiter release peter?

Thank you for the tip Bailey, Bloomsbury area is a handy area to stay in London and having a good bottle shop near buy is great!

Peter — I think they only have the kegged version as a regular at the Jugged Hare but that’s pretty bloody good anyway.

If you want to visit a nice Youngs pub, try the Lamb on Lambs Conduit Street – an easy walk from KX.

If you’re in that neck of the woods you should aim to try the Princess Louise, Cittie of York and Ye Old Mitre – all in the High Holborn/Chancery Lane area and all interesting pubs.

How many days have you got to get them all in?

The Jugged Hare is indeed the keg version but it is still exceedingly good (as Mr Kipling says).

Damn! Now you tell me. Was just at St. Pancras yesterday and spent my last pounds on M&S label beer (an IPA made by Marston’s that was pretty good actually).

Also had the chance to try Fuller London Porter, kegged, and it was great and I don’t feel bad about it at all.

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