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Don't leave that!

We took a six pack of Anchor Christmas Beer to a family do just before Christmas, knowing that the host was keen on beer.

We then watched with dismay as a grumpy uncle poured a bottle into a glass and spent the next hour ignoring it while he read the paper. When he left, it was more-or-less untouched and had gone flat. Could he not have ignored a cheaper, less interesting beer instead?

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It reminds me when I once gave my father in law a nice beer to taste and he just picked the bottle and downed half of it in one swig without saying much. At least he drunk it, though, but I could have given him some Braník and he would have shown the same appreciation.

We had friends over for Sunday lunch and the husband asked for an interesting beer to go with his port, I got him a bottle of Rogue Imperial Stout and he downed it in one, asking if there was another…

I brought a Nøgne Ø Good Yule Islay Edition to a family party just before Christmas, and as we were leaving I asked my uncle (the host) if he wanted it. Sure, he said. I didn’t know how he related to non-pils, so I asked him how he felt about “darker beers”, but he didn’t get the question at all. He opened the bottle before we had time to get out, had a sip, and declared it “just fine”.

Later I discovered he was chewing gum while tasting the beer.

I think you already know about the bottle of Tokyo* that I brought down to the in-laws over New Year’s. I was going to share it with my brother-in-law to be, but didn’t get the opportunity. On leaving, I realised the bottle was gone, but then wondered did I really bring it down (there were many others!). But yeah, he misunderstood me and thought I’d said “take anything you want out of that crate”, so grabbed the one with the funky label. I suspect it was on New Year’s Eve, so was probably after a rake of other stuff.

He said it wasn’t good…

Still, I had to laugh, and I hoped my wife didn’t make him feel too bad after I left. After all, he always has a selection of new beers for me to try when I visit 🙂

Yesterday a man came in to The Gunmakers with a colleague for what was presumably some kind of work meeting. They ordered two lagers, which stood untouched and went flat. Then they ordered two meals, which were ignored until they went cold. Before paying up, they quickly necked the beer and wolfed the frigid food and said is was lovely. Bizarre.

This by far my favourite beer of my Christmas trip to the White Horse at Parson’s Green. It was on draft and I fell in love with it in an instant and then all over again with every subsequent sip. Beauuuutiful!

Back at home the same week I shared a host of interesting and exotic beers with my Dad (who’d already drunk the case of Hooky Bitter I brought him back from the brewery). I don’t think he blinked an eyelid from Imperial Stout to strong IPA, muttering ‘it’s not bad’ with only tiny, minuscule differences in enthusiasm each time!

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