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It's only beer

Does anyone else get fed up of being told “it’s only beer” and not to take it too seriously?

Most people with hobbies know that the subject of their interest isn’t that important in the great scheme of things. Global financial crisis, climate change, careers, family — those are serious.

In our case, beer is something in which we’ve chosen to indulge our interest just seriously enough to occupy a few of the spare hours when we’re not worrying about all that other stuff.

We take lots of other things just as seriously, too — Bubble Bobble, the Beatles, curry, spaghetti westerns….

What’s the point of a hobby if you don’t thrown yourself into it?

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Al — hello! We’ve been pretty happy with the version on Taito Legends for the PlayStation2. (You can get those compilations for £2-3 secondhand now, which is great value for 30 games.)

Hello – it is just beer. I think too many bloggers spend more time writing and fantasising about beer than actually drinking it.

Beer is just one of the many vehicles to ride on the road that gets you pissed. Don’t make it something it’s not.

Never had “it’s only beer” said to me, in fact it tends to be the opposite. People think I’m more serious about beer than I really am. With you on the other serious things though.

I don’t think I’ve ever had it said to me, but I’ve said it plenty. Generally to people who insist that my life has been a total waste if I haven’t tasted the ultra-rare Sequoia-Aged Double Imperial Whatsit from Uncle Fizzbang’s Extreme Brewing Company in Colorado: they only make six drops a year and you have to queue for three weeks to even be shown the label. Yawn.

My friends use to think that it is really interesting to know about the subject, when I told them the propierties and history of some beers. I agree with you on the serious thing and all stuff.
Epic Bubble Bobble, by the way.

I take beer seriously too, it is after all my job to sell the stuff but I get sick of it sometimes and some peoples ‘enthusiasm’ can be a little bit overwhelming if not a tad irritating.
I am of the opinion that it’s only beer, but some beers are beerier than others…. 😉
I find the whole world of beer interesting but I don’t feel the need to ‘chase’ beers just because 1)I’ve never had it or 2) they are deemed cool.

Ant — the music is *so* catchy and it loops… forever!

Barry — it was a C64 for me as a lad, too. Love that SID chip.

Glyn — I suppose that’s a whole different issue — you have to take it seriously if it’s your job! On your final point, though, we don’t *need* to chase any beer, but it can certainly make holidays more fun if you’ve got an (ultimately pointless) mission to track down something interesting in some out of the way brewery or pub.

BN — Uncle Fizzbang’s beers are overrated. It’s all hype.

Hello folks. Just to let you know I’ll be selling cask Anastasia Imperial Stout (8%) from Monday next week… I think it’s the kind of thing you might enjoy! I’ll also have Alligator Ale on from the same brewery (their take on a American Pale Ale).

My motto: “treating beer with the respect and irreverence it deserves”.

I get told “it’s only beer” in indirect ways, and I’ve seen it written (by wine writers) several times.

My reaction to the naysayers: I don’t bawl you out for being a freak because you believe that watching Celebrity Big Brother is anything other than a slow marking of time, filling the empty hours while you wait for death. So I’ll ask you kindly not to judge me and my beverage, nor laugh when I display evidence that it was responsible for the dawn of civilisation.

Is it beer 30, yet? I’m ready to crack open a nice bottle of Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale!

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