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We decided to start blogging after a particularly exciting trip around Bavaria in 2007. The first thing we did when we got home was checked out what was already there and Stonch’s Beer Blog was top of the search results and a massive inspiration.

It’s always been one of the first blogs we look at each day, although we usually chicken out of joining the sometimes heated debates in the comments threads. We’ve only enjoyed it more in recent months as it gave us a glimpse into a world we didn’t know well — that of the pub landlord — in a way which demystified it and even made it sound like fun.

Now it seems the blog is winding up, we can only say that we’ll miss it and that we hope a Gunmakers blog might follow soon so at least we’ll know what beers to expect when we pop in.

6 replies on “Stonch’s Beer Blog”

I feel the same way: the most interesting parts were the bits about running Gunmakers. A shame that he’s closing the blog, but that’s his choice.

If you want to know what’s on tap at Gunmaker’s you can follow them on Twitter…

I fell a bit gutted actually. I have followed it regularly since the start having interacted with Jeff (then known as Sandy Dancer to avoid upsetting his teetotal boss!) on the boards prior to the blogs launch. The blog has become so much more interesting and poignant as the view has shifted to that from behind the bar. very sad.

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