Thoughtful beer geek gift

Bailey’s little brother had a fit of thoughtfulness and for Christmas this year got this very nice chap to engrave six beer glasses with a version of  the graphic from our blog’s header.

Drinking our own brews out of our own branded glasses is very satisfying indeed!

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That rules. Boak and Bailey is a unique blog, I wonder where you got the logo from? I always envy the fact you have great pubs down your way in London and I rarely get there but its always a treat when I do. Hopefully I will at the next GBBF

Rob — we photographed it in Germany. It was a faded old beer ad on a block of flats.

Beer Nut — you’ve seen our house then? Dinner most nights is like the scene in Batman where Michael Keaton and Kim Basinger eat soup.

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They’re actually pretty bloody sturdy — thicker than the average pub pint glass, anyway. I managed to get them from Somerset to London in a rucksack without incurring any damage.

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