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Pump creep

The owners of Cask, our current favourite London pub, have obviously decided to pull out all the stops on the beer front. They’ve just expanded from five cask ale pumps to eight, including two from Dark Star and three from Thornbridge.  Moravka Lager has also appeared.

The keg beer has got better too — out go Guinness and Fosters to be replaced by Keesman Herren Pils, Brugse Zot (blonde and brown), Rothaus Pils and Weizen, Mort Subite Kriek, and Kuepper’s Koelsch. The range of bottles from small german breweries continues to impress with some real obscurities sitting in the fridges.

A great pub just got even better.

We’re also delighted to see that our local has added an extra pump for cask ale.

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Woah. Keesman Pils is excellent. Dark Star, Thornbridge – what’s not to like? (Other than not living in Pimlico so it’s our local).

And yes, the bottles in the fridge are excellent – found a Fassla Zwergla in there last time I visited – wonderful stuff.

Moravka – truly one of my favourite beers (well, lagers). Foley’s in Leeds stocked it for about three months last summer but stopped. I love it, such creamy malt in the body. Wonderful stuff. A visit to Cask goes on ‘the list’.

Are they serving Moravka as Czech style lager should be served? As in about 7 degrees Celsius and with a huge billowing head, or have they anglicized it?

Al — didn’t have a pint, so not sure, but I certainly had to ask them for a head on my Rothaus Pils — everyone else was getting it with a thin film of white scum, as British people seem (bizarrely) to prefer.

Herren Pils is a grand sup, though I’ve never had it on draught, and I have a soft spot for Rothaus, probably as my wife is a Badenerin. Never tried their weizen though!

Sounds like a great spot! (though I’m still not convinced by Koelsch of any kind it seems)

Barry — Koelsch in the UK is certainly rarely exciting and Kuepper’s over here tends to taste like any other lager, only slightly sweeter.

This looks like a fantastic pub – almost worth trekking all the way down the Victoria Line for. But they just had to go and succumb to calling themselves a ‘pub and kitchen’ didn’t they? Discovering this when I followed your link to their website was like being blown away by a stunningly attractive member of the sex of your preference and then realising they had a big bogey on the end of their nose. I can see I’m just going to have to not look at the bogey, to focus on their right ear or something, and hope they quietly paint over it. (The pub and kitchen sign, not the bogey).

I’m sure they’ll change the name soon. It is terrible. And I know this won’t bother most people but they’ve used a standard Windows system font (is it Verdana?) for the sign. At least it wasn’t Comic Sans, eh?

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