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A lot of stout about

Guinness have set out (pretty successfully) to turn St Patrick’s Day into International Guinness Day but their’s wasn’t the only stout about this week.

For example, Cask in Pimlico had the brilliant, Guinness-baiting Sussex Extra Stout, while Shepherd Neame rolled out their own tastefully branded (ahem) Double Stout.

Could it be that the market is managing to do for stout in March what CAMRA is trying so hard to achieve for mild in May? We’d love to see stouts and porters other than Guinness on sale in pubs during the rest of the year, but this is a start.

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I had Adnams Dry [Irish] Stout on Saturday, which was very good. Seen Marble Stouter Stout and Chocolate Stout in the past week too. I was thinking myself that there was a lot about lately.

Did you try the Sheps Double Stout? Based on their excellent Porter, I would expect their darker beers to turn out more impressive than the ubiquitous brown stuff.

To date, my favourite Oirish-style stout has to be Jarrow McConnell’s Irish Stout, which knocks spots off Guiness! Sadly tricky to come by in this part of the world.

Porterhouse Wrasslers XXXX Stout is fabulous and should what can be done even when served on nitro

My local here in Reading, the Jolly Anglers, which has just re-opened after a long and successful campaign by the local community, and now free of tie, has (perhaps bravely !) dropped Guinness altogether and replaced it with Emerald Trumpeter, a rather nice stout from new Reading brewery, Two Bridges (, and so far its going down very well with the punters.


Mark — any good?

Dubbel — not seen the Adnams one on sale, despite one of my locals (where I went last night) having nowt but Adnams beers. Annoying. I’d like to try it. I didn’t try the SN stout, although I stood in the doorway of the pub for a few seconds feeling sorely tempted.

Oblivious — yes, certainly better than Guinness, on the rare occasions I’ve even managed to get into Porterhouse. Seems to be busy 24/7.

Tom — that’s great to hear!

….on a totally un-beer-related note, the fact that your pumpclip shot is a little blurred actually makes it cooler imho!! Anyway – moving on – I’m all for it. Stout, to me, seems to be a style that few actually explore/experiment with from a brewing standpoint, compared to other styles. So the more the merrier, if you ask me…

My colleagues say yes, two of them sipped a couple of pints each. I was on something else that day so can’t comment, might tuck into a half tomorrow and let you know.

Agree with Leigh too. It weird how some out of focus shots look rubbish in the context of the page this one is perfect!

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