On the same day we vis­it­ed the Dove, we also made it to anoth­er leg­endary west Lon­don pub, the  Brick­lay­ers in Put­ney. It’s beau­ti­ful­ly done out, being nei­ther trendy nor grot­ty, although it was bloody cold.

It was the week after their beer fes­ti­val and the gar­den was full of spent casks – “Beer Fail!” Noth­ing was going to waste, though and any­thing left in the gar­den was going at a pound a pint.

We were excit­ed to see a huge range of Tim­o­thy Tay­lor’s beers and did­n’t even both­er try­ing any­thing from the guest pumps or the gar­den. We’ve heard a lot about the leg­endary Dark Mild, and it is indeed fab­u­lous: choco­late and vanil­la and at only 3.5%. Ram Tam is a won­der­ful­ly fruity dark beer, also very spe­cial, with black­cur­rant and clove notes. Why aren’t Tim Tay­lor’s oth­er beers as well known as Land­lord?

5 thoughts on “Bricklayers”

  1. I must, must go! I love Land­lord to death, prob­a­bly my favourite beer but I am yet to try any oth­er TT stuff!

  2. I love the oth­er Tim Tay­lor’s beers, Ram Tam is fab­u­lous, and their Best Bit­ter is one of my favourite ses­sion beers when I’m in York­shire.

  3. The only oth­er Tay­lor beer I see in Lon­don is Gold­en Best, and that’s pret­ty infre­quent­ly.

    Hope­ful­ly one day you’ll get a chance to vis­it Keigh­ley – they even sell Tay­lor’s on the steam rail­way!

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