Go West

You may have noticed we’ve been out and about a lot recent­ly. Although we were in Lon­don for the first full week­end for ages, there was still a nag­ging wan­der­lust, and so we head­ed out to west Lon­don. After a nice amble along the riv­er we made our first ever vis­it to the leg­endary Dove.

As this was the first sun­ny Sun­day for sev­er­al months, most of Lon­don had descend­ed on this fair­ly small river­side pub for lunch and it was in melt­down. The staff were stressed, the food was a long time com­ing and there was a long queue of peo­ple who had appar­ent­ly nev­er been to a pub before and so did­n’t real­ly under­stand how it worked.

We escaped straight for the tiny pub­lic bar (the small­est in the world, accord­ing to Nor­ris McWhirter) and observed the chaos. We over­heard some good dia­logue: “What’s your thick­est beer? The creami­est?” (Quick, Fullers,  time to bring out that smooth­flow!); “When will my food be ready? Only I real­ly am tremen­dous­ly hun­gry.”

They were doing a roar­ing trade in Aspel­l’s cider and White wine, and the biggest sell­ing ale seemed to be Dis­cov­ery. So, Fuller’s know their mar­ket after all. We enjoyed some­one bring­ing a pint of it back and kick­ing up a right fuss because it was ‘flat’. We think the word she was look­ing for is crap.

Despite the pun­ters’ lack of inter­est in it, the ale is, on the whole, great. We drank the best Lon­don Pride we’ve had for ages and also got to try Ben­gal Lancer, their new 5% IPA. We enjoyed it immense­ly. It looks like Pride, has char­ac­ter­is­tic Fullers’ mar­malade flavour, but with a much more pro­nounced, tangy, spicy hop flavour. We’re excit­ed at the prospect of this becom­ing a reg­u­lar.

Here’s a triv­ia ques­tion: how many gen­uine river­side pubs are there on the north side of the riv­er between the Dove in Ham­mer­smith and the Town of Rams­gate in Wap­ping? The rules are that the pub gen­uine­ly has to be direct­ly on the river­side, with no road inbe­tween.

12 thoughts on “Go West”

  1. KHM – I think it’s the same beer rebrand­ed and avail­able more wide­ly on cask.

  2. Does that mean the Rut­land Arms and the Blue Anchor don’t count as Low­er Mall is in between, though it’s pedes­tri­an only? Also, the Old City Arms, up by Ham­mer­smith Bridge. Beyond that I real­ly can’t think of any, though there’s the Banker under Can­non Street rail bridge.

  3. Ewan – should have known you’d have some sug­ges­tions! Yes, we’re talk­ing about pubs with win­dows open­ing direct­ly onto the riv­er. Does that count the Banker out?

  4. Thanks, Ron. Prob­a­bly could have found that out with a bit of Googling but went with an unin­formed guess. I know you love unin­formed guess­work.

  5. Food + pubs can often end in dis­as­ter. By coin­ci­dence, today I’ve been swap­ping mes­sages with a mate about “pub hor­rors”… his very first sug­ges­tion was a group of stu­dents in a stu­dent bar order­ing food indi­vid­u­al­ly and each pay­ing by card.

    *tears hair out*

  6. I had the Fullers Ben­gal Lancer in the Euston Fly­er a cou­ple of weeks ago and was rather dis­ap­point­ed by it. I guess I am spoilt by the won­der­ful Amer­i­can IPA’s and DIPA’s that I have been drink­ing in recent months. I did how­ev­er take a sat­ur­day after­noon dri­ve out to Great Mis­senden, Bucks the oth­er week­end with my wife and stopped off at a Fullers pub in the vil­lage. The ESB there was utter­ly sub­lime, was­n’t expect­ing a Fullers pub out there.

  7. If that’s the cri­te­ri­on, then The Banker is def­i­nite­ly a river­side pub. Seat­ing looks out direct­ly over the riv­er, jut­ting out over the shore, albeit tucked away under Can­non Street rail bridge so it’s not nec­es­sar­i­ly the pret­ti­est of river­side pubs. How­ev­er, I gen­er­al­ly like it; it’s worth a vis­it!

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