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Motueka IPA

We’re big fans of experimental beers made with a single variety of hop and (so far) have yet to have a bad beer from Barnsley’s Acorn Brewery, so we just had to try Motueka IPA at the Pembury Tavern.

The beer was fantastic — quenching, herbal and dry, with perhaps just a hint of banana in the aroma — but, on this showing, we’d be hard pressed to identify Motueka hops if we came across them again without a bloody great big sign telling us they were there. We tend to hop from beer to beer if there are several on offer but went back for more of this, Tandleman-style, which must say something.

For more single hop action check out Geoff’s fascinating homebrewing experiments.

Update 17/03/10 — of course we meant “a single variety of hop” rather than “a single hop”. How crap would that beer be?

4 replies on “Motueka IPA”

Beer hopping is great, but often comes out something like the triumph of hope over experience and when you hit on a great beer you enjoy, it isn’t unwise to stick to it.

Acorn beers are on top form at the moment.

I had a pint of this last weekend at The Grove in Leeds. Wonderful. Pale. refreshing, sharp and with a great grassiness. You’re right about Acorn – they are producing wonderful beers right now. Can’t wait for the rest of thier single-hop series throughout 2010. had the pleasure of being with a pal who was having his first pint of this – his eyes lit up….

Motueka are definately up there on my list of hops to try next. I’m a big fan of the NZ hops. I fully agree with sticking to the same beer of a session. Here in Glasgow you’re lucky just not to get a pint of flat vinegar (if you find an ale pub in the first place).

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