The receipt says it all

A receipt from l'Estaminet, Bruges, listing all the beers we enjoyed on a night out.

13 replies on “The receipt says it all”

I would not have gone for the Hoegaarden, as I can get that everywhere, but apart from that I am rather envious.

Luckily I’ll be visiting both the Netherlands and Belgium in a few weeks..

Clarifications: this was a Sunday evening session; my Mum and Dad were with us, and the Hoegaarden was my Mum’s tipple of choice; the chips were really crisps; and the feta croque was actually pretty nice.

I was at ZBF 2010 in Belgium last weekend and stayed in Ghent. I had some great beer on the trip but the prices over in Belgium are becoming rather painful to say the least. In Ghent I paid 4.50 euros for a draught Moinette Blonde! I yearn for the 1.55 euros/£1 days, maybe we’ll get them back someday.

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