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Tim Taylor country

They call it ‘Bronte Country’ or bang on about the Railway Children but, for all the wily windy moors and choo-choos, it’s the ubiquitous presence of Timothy Taylor which, for us, was the most obvious feature of Keighley and its surrounding towns and villages.

The Fleece in Haworth village was everything you could want from a pub: packed full of people of all ages, most of whom knew each other, but no less friendly for that. Another out of towner put it well: “Did you hear that sound from outside? A proper pub sound…”

They have a full range of Taylor’s beer, including Ram Tam, Dark Mild, Golden Best and, yes, a cracking pint of Landlord.

Amazingly, though, the beer was perhaps even better aboard a steam train on the Keighley and Worth Valley railway. Our perfect, almost pornographic pints had big marmalade flavours we hadn’t really been struck by before. The KWVR is the only mobile entry in the Good Beer Guide and thoroughly deserves it. We rode up and down a few times marvelling at the hard work and enterprise of the enthusiasts who had made this marvel possible.

Of course, it didn’t hurt that the barman had something of Bernard Cribbins about him.

We weren’t there long enough to visit everywhere recommended by Ten Inch Wheeler who grew up in the area, but there’s always next time. Thanks for the advice, TIW!

And, of course, it’s a regular stomping ground for Leigh, who’s also fan of the Fleece!

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The KWVR beer festival is one of the quirkiest you’ll get to, I found the ber on the trains overpowered by the smells of diesel and BO (but it was a hot, busy day). Music on the platforms, beers sat in the carriages at the railway museum, personal cabins on the way home – it’s a delight.

And I don’t know why they call it Bronte country, Top Withens is an eternity away from Haworth if you’ve just walked the proceeding 15 miles of Day 4 on the Pennine Way…especially as the local YHA is nowhere near the route!

I loved the beer in the Fleece, Haworth, but the food was pretty poor and I the atmosphere suffers due to it being in such a tourist hotspot.

Giles Minkley from Tim Taylor popped in here for a night on the beers last night. We’re planning on having a week in summer where we sell all the TT beers on draught.

Mark — there was a slighly malodorous man on our train, too, but he sat on his own in a corner, marginalised by a massive wedding party who seemed to be having their reception on the train. Great idea!

Glad you liked The Fleece. My mother lives in Haworth so I know it well, and have mentioned it many a time on the blog. I maintain it serves the best pint of Landlord, but TIW advocates The Boltmakers in Keighley, if my memory of comment banter serves well! The train is certainly and experience, and the beers surprisingly good, isnt it?

So you have, Leigh — apologies for not linking to at least one of your posts. The beer really was excellent on the train, which was on the telly this morning, by the way, because of the Railway Children re-release.

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