You're the Landlord: the answer

Earlier this week, we asked this question:

A large group of students has been drinking in your pub for a couple of hours. One of them has just enough money to buy a pint which he takes off to the back room. Moments later, he returns with an empty glass and says he spilled it. He asks nicely if there’s any chance of a replacement on the house. One of your regulars chips in sarcastically: “I accidentally drank mine. Can I have a free one too?”

What would you do?

We saw this happen for real in a pub in the south east of England. What really happened?

The landlord smiled and gave him a free replacement pint without checking for a spill or interrogating him. He reminded his regulars that they’d had their fair share of free pints and roast potatoes in the past.

We assume the logic was that:

  1. the student had spent a fair bit of money and his friends were still spending
  2. even if it was a con it wouldn’t be likely that the student would have the nerve to try it again anytime soon and
  3. (although he probably didn’t quite put it in these terms) a show of generosity was good for his and his pub’s brand — the same reason restaurants give people free coffee if they complain about the steak.

We’ve got a few more of these to follow. Thanks to those of you who had a go this time.

3 replies on “You're the Landlord: the answer”

Yes, we thought he played it very well. Certainly made us think: “This is a nice, tolerant, friendly kind of place.”

The only way I could like this competition more is if you brought Jeff/Stonch out of retirement to act as a celebrity arbitrator.

Super stuff! Thanks.

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