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A swift one in Leeds

We had a bit of time to kill Leeds between trains on our way back from Haworth and so found ourselves at The Pin on Dock Street. It’s one of the outlets for the relatively new Leeds Brewery and a loungy, brunchy cafe-bar. It isn’t a pub and, if we hadn’t been hungry and stopped to look at the menu in the window, we wouldn’t have noticed it especially.

The food was posh pub grub and excellent value for money at that, with a special mention for the best battered fish we’ve had in ages.

We tried one each of the Leeds Best Bitter (biscuity, brown and likeable) and Pale (a cracker — spicy, flowery with a lingering hop aftertaste).

There were Some interesting bottles (Brooklyn, Liefmans Kriek) but also a lot of pretentious ‘world lager’ like Cusquena and Pacifico.

We think it’s really great to see a different, more European model of boozer working in the UK — not everything has to be a pub or even a compromised pub.

We also stumbled upon their brewery tap on the way to catch our train and popped in there, too. This is more like a pub, albeit a would-be trendy one, and with a lot more beer on offer, including Midnight Bell, Leeds’ “premium dark mild”. It was OK but by no means a competitor to Timothy Taylor’s mild. Leodis, their lager, was off — shame.

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It’s a shame Midnight Bell didn’t impress – I’ve had it in the past and thought it was pretty special. Surprisingly hoppy for something that dark. Could it have been having an off day? Hmm…

Midnight Bell tastes better at the Midnight Bell…fact! It’s not been on for ages though, in favour of Tetley’s dark mild, which it nonchantly kicks into touch with ease. Must’ve been an off day.

PINs a stop off when we are out with girlfriends in tow – good beer, trendy setting, music and cocktails. Sorts everyone out.

Drop as a line next time you’re in Leeds!

Cheers, Mark. We are planning a proper trip to Leeds at some point (rather than a left luggage pit stop) and will let you know our plans when we do.

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