Every beer gets a second chance

Both vari­ants of the Brooklyn/Schneider Hopfen Weisse in their beau­ti­ful­ly designed bot­tles

We hat­ed Schnei­der Hopfen­weisse when we tried it a cou­ple of years ago and I almost turned my nose up when offered it on draft at the Devon­shire cat, Sheffield. Nonethe­less, I got my half (a mere £2.80…) and gave it anoth­er go.

It’s always a good idea to give a beer a sec­ond chance. Wowz­ers, Pen­ny. I take it all back. It’s won­der­ful.

It’s like a tur­bo charged wheat­beer with crisp, almost tan­gi­ble hops; bub­blegum cut with grape­fruit. Tru­ly extreme and fab­u­lous for it. Odd­ly, the Ger­man-Amer­i­can parent­age gives this a very Bel­gian aro­ma (booze + spice) which real­ly adds to the plea­sure.


7 thoughts on “Every beer gets a second chance”

  1. I cer­tain­ly would­n’t give every beer a sec­ond chance, for some once is more than enough!

  2. Which one was it, Schnei­der-Brook­lyn­er or Brook­lyn­er-Schnei­der? From your descrip­tion I’d guess the lat­ter.

  3. Had this yes­ter­day at the Devon­shire Cat as well. Have to say I pre­ferred the Brook­lyn bot­tle ver­sion at launch time, but the Schnei­der draught now is absolute­ly killer.

  4. Zak, I think it was S‑B rather than B‑S, I cer­tain­ly recall more of a Schnei­der brand­ing on the pump clip, but it was after a Jaipur or two so would­n’t swear to it. Per­haps Reluc­tant Scoop­er can con­firm.

    We could­n’t get enough of the Brook­lyn ver­sion into a glass to try it last time – it explod­ed every­where.

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