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Every beer gets a second chance

Both variants of the Brooklyn/Schneider Hopfen Weisse in their beautifully designed bottles

We hated Schneider Hopfenweisse when we tried it a couple of years ago and I almost turned my nose up when offered it on draft at the Devonshire cat, Sheffield. Nonetheless, I got my half (a mere £2.80…) and gave it another go.

It’s always a good idea to give a beer a second chance. Wowzers, Penny. I take it all back. It’s wonderful.

It’s like a turbo charged wheatbeer with crisp, almost tangible hops; bubblegum cut with grapefruit. Truly extreme and fabulous for it. Oddly, the German-American parentage gives this a very Belgian aroma (booze + spice) which really adds to the pleasure.


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Zak, I think it was S-B rather than B-S, I certainly recall more of a Schneider branding on the pump clip, but it was after a Jaipur or two so wouldn’t swear to it. Perhaps Reluctant Scooper can confirm.

We couldn’t get enough of the Brooklyn version into a glass to try it last time – it exploded everywhere.

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