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One of each colour in cask ale week

The real benefit of Cask Ale Week as we see it is not particularly that it encourages punters to drink more cask ale but that it convinces those selling it to up their game a notch.

In a Fuller’s pub (the Mad Hatter Hotel, near Blackfriars and Waterloo) last week, we were spoilt for choice,  with our beloved London Porter (the Cask Ale Week special), a brilliant IPA (Bengal Lancer),  London Pride, ESB and Chiswick all on offer.

Now, Fuller’s, let’s have that variety all year round: interesting beers are for life, not just for Cask Ale Week.

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Wow, what a line-up from Fuller’s! I’m a massive fan of Chiswick – love how fresh and lively it tastes when it’s in good condition. Used to see it occasionally in Wendover (Bucks) as we had two pubs that took Fuller’s beer (but not Green/Red/Gold liveried Fuller’s pubs… not sure what the story was there). Will have to hunt it down next time I’m in town.

Is 1845 ever available on cask? I had it once from the bottle – and loved it! – but I’ve never seen it on cask on my trips to the UK.

I think they’ve done it as a special for festivals (at the White Horse?) but generally, no. They occasionally offer Golden Pride on cask.

1845 was on last night in the former brewpub in Portsmouth, Spike’s, as was the Porter but not being a Fullers fan I walked straight out again…

Bengal Lancer “brilliant” though? Compared to Greede Kerching IPA, maybe!

Jo and I stayed at the Mad Hatter when we did our London weekend a few weeks back – nice hotel, basic but clean & comfortable and a decent breakfast selection. Ironically we didn’t actually drink in the pub though, mainly because we’d discovered the Porterhouse and as Borough Market was just up the road we headed to The Rake… I’ll have to put that right next time I’m in London, our offices are just the other side of Blackfriars Bridge after all.

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