london pubs

Two bloggers on a boat

Last night, we got a Thames Clipper from Westminster to Greenwich (review of the Old Brewery to follow) and had the opportunity to answer more-or-less definitively a question we posed a few weeks ago: are there any riverside pubs on the north side of the river between the Dove in Hammersmith and the Town of Ramsgate in Wapping?

Pub expert Ewan correctly identified the Banker at Cannon Street, a Fuller’s pub nestled under the rail bridge, which looked worth a visit.

But there’s (arguably) one even before that — a bar/restaurant called the Samuel Pepys has a tiny balcony with tables and chairs hanging over the water. We don’t know to what extent you could call it a pub, but there were people drinking in the sunlight, so we think it probably just about meets the criteria.

We wonder if they know of their claim to fame?