You're the Landlord #2: the answer

We asked what you would you do if a punter in your pub arrived after the kitchens had closed and wanted to bring a takeaway in to enjoy with their pint.

Thanks to everyone who had a guess.

When we saw this encounter in a pub earlier this year, the landlord said: “No, sorry.” The businessman sloped off looking dejected and, presumably, went to sleep crying in his hotel room without a bedtime pint.

The landlord didn’t offer any explanation but it did occur to us that it might set a precedent which would lead to people hanging on until after 8pm before whipping out their Pot Noodles and KFCs, losing him valuable business. The idea that he might have knocked a sandwich together at a nominal price (as per Mike McG’s suggestion) seems reasonable in that circumstance, though.

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I have no problem with his decision. Pubs generally do food between certain times but my pub would, dependent upon how busy it was, knock up a sandwich for a weary traveller. The other side of the argument is that customers may not want some one sat troughing smelly take away next to them. After all a pub is a pub not a take away or restaurant.

Pete — thanks for dropping by. We’ll check out the Harlequin next time we’re in Sheffield.

I suspect the landlord’s non-hospitable attitude was “losing him valuable business”. It’s likely that isn’t a very friendly pub at anytime, whether the kitchen is open or not. The landlord probably did the weary traveler a favor by making them go somewhere friendlier.

Secondly, if your kitchen pumps out great food people won’t want food from KFC.

Often been to a pub on Marylebone High Street, The Marylebone Tup which for all its faults positively encourages you to bring your own food. Very civilised and often lead to us going there rather than somewhere else for that very reason.

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