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A classic cold beer

A conversation between punter and barman overheard in a pub recently.

Man of indeterminate European origin

This time, I want a different beer. I had this last time [gestures at ale pump] and it was weird. It wasn’t — I’m not complaining — it just wasn’t really properly cold.


Ah, yeah, that’s British ale. It’s not really meant to be cold, just cool.


Oh, I get it. But it’s yellow, so I was confused. OK, this time, I just want a proper classic cold beer.


We’ve got a lager from a small German brewery…


No, just like, a classic cold beer. Fosters or something like that.


OK, there you go.


That is beautiful. Beautiful! Frosty cold. Just what I wanted. Thank you so very much.

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Conditioned by lager. I think there is an irony there somewhere.

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