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Brew succeed

We made a good beer! The run of bad luck (bad brewing…) has been broken. We took a polypin of pale ale hopped with Centennial to a party yesterday and people drank it without being forced to.

Sure, it was cloudy because we ran out of finings but, hey, if it’s good enough for those boring German brewpubs then it’s good enough for us, right? Think of the ‘enzymes’.

Having taken advice from commenters, we gave it a healthy dose of dry hops in the cask — more than we would normally feel comfortable with — which really made a difference. All in all, we’re chuffed to bits.

Hence the bigheaded move of making it beer of the week.

Don’t worry — the next one will probably be rotten which will restore our humility.

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We’d certainly have prefered it clear, but it didn’t absolutely ruin it. We just told everyone at the party is was meant to be like that…

Pale ale isngle hopped with Cents – sounds spot on to me. Only downside of making it beer of the week is, though – I can’t taste it!! I recently ran out of finings (for an Amber Ale, hopped with Northdowns), and found it perfectly clear until I chill it. finings – love ’em or hate’em….

You can fine beer with gelatine if you’re out of isinglass.

Chill hazes are caused by protein-polyphenol complexes though so looking at your water treatment and adding irish moss or protafloc towards then of the boil should clear them up.

Nice one!

If you run out of finings, then time is a good substitute. Of course, this is all well and good unless you’re thirsty, in which case drink it anyway. If it’s just a haze, then it doesn’t make a huge difference to the taste (you don’t drink with your eyes…) – big chunks of yeast, or beers that *should* be “mit hefe” excluded of course…

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