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We are in Cask in Pimlico and have obviously had too much to drink — we have just paid 16 quid for a bottle of Goose Island Bourbon County.

Ice cream, coffee, tiramisu… alcohol… It’s wonderful, but is it worth that much?

Maybe, just about.

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Makes me wonder what the most expensive beer bought from a pub would be? I think for me it’s 8 quid for a bottle of Stone Self-Righteous Ale. Well worth the money.

I resists such rushes of blood to the head. Of course adopting Tyson’s plan would be acceptable, if only I could find some sap to buy it.

Was the cask beer any good?

Hello, Simon — thanks for dropping in. Anything over a fiver makes me think twice. Eight quid for a beer isn’t cheap, but it might still represent value for money, if the beer is really incredible.

Glyn — £6 for a third sounds like a lot but, I guess, if you think of Tokyo* (do I have to write the asterisk?) as somewhere between a spirit and a beer, it doesn’t sound as shocking. Does anyone ever insist on a pint?

Tyson — we were pondering this one the way home and don’t think anyone is living the high-life on the back of selling this beer. Import duties, London property prices, staff costs at this end; investment of time and money in producing a beer designed to mature at the other. But, yeah, we’d think twice about paying this much again, great as the beer was. A great argument for drinking at home, unfortunately…

Tandleman — I’m ashamed to say that, on this occasion, we didn’t touch the cask ale. It was a flying visit (which extended itself a bit, as these things do…) driven largely by a desire for a half-litre of cold German pils. We thought we’d struck lucky with Kneitinger Pils, but it didn’t have much zing, and then went straight onto the posh bottles.

If you’re interested, though, I noted two by Brewdog; a Dark Star; Thornbridge St Petersburg; two from Kelham Island.

If it makes you feel any better, I paid $12 for a bottle from a Wholefoods supermarket in Portland, Oregon. I remember it being money well spent though, and £16 doesn’t seem too much of a mark up, especially with it being served in a pub in London!

Aren’t you live at Cask next month?

It’s partly psychological, I think — 16 quid for 330ml seems much worse than 35 quid would for a big posh wine bottle.

$25 for 12oz. does sound something to think twice about. Having said that I have committed that particular sin. For a bottle of Péché Mortel(a coffee stout brewed in Montreal by Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel) here in Philadelphia. Instant Karma came and got me when I recommended it to the stranger sitting next to me. He became irate at me, at the bar, at Canadians, at George Bush and Dick Cheney. Fortunately all he did was leave, cursing, pursued by a bear.

Yes, we’ll be at Cask 8th September with at least 9 different beers, assuming they give in to our demands of dancing horses and a dry ice machine. Please come support us if you’re around!

I had a taste of this and thier standard American style imperial stout Night Stalker recently. The Bourbon County was definitly better than the Night Stalker (which was seriously under attenuated) but nothing to rave about I thought. 16 pounds is about 34 NZ Dollars and not an unheard of bar price here. We had a XL bottle of Rogue Imperial the other week for $48, I wasnt, and couldnt have, paid.

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