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The best chocolate beer?

Saltaire Triple Chocoholic might be my favourite chocolate beer.  It’s not sweet like some, but definitely smells of chocolate.  It’s dark, creamy and extremely full bodied, almost like a Spanish hot chocolate fit for dipping your churros.

It’s like (but better than) the Meantime effort at its best.

And, for all its intense flavour and gooeyness, is a mere 4.8%.

Once again, evidence that Saltaire are masters of flavouring beer.


8 replies on “The best chocolate beer?”

Had the meantime effort recently and didnt like it much at all. The Triple choc is awesome though … tastes like a bourbon biscuit! 😛

I recently tried Brooklyn’s Chocolate Stout which I thought worked rather well but it is more a bitter dark chocolate than a sweet one. Haven’t tried the Saltaire one yet but it is on my list as I used to enoy the Youngs version until it changed to a more coffee-lite flavour for some reason.

The Brooklyn Chocolate Stout is definitely more of an imperial stout than a really chocolate beer (which isn’t to say it’s bad).

One kind of weird, out there chocolate beer is El Mole Ocho from New Holland. It’s a mix of chocolate and chili peppers in a dark, porter-y beer.

If you’re on the look out for a damn good chocolate beer, I can highly recommend Marble Chocolate, fresh from the bar at the Marble Arch. Gorgeous.

Best chocolate beer for me has to be from Phillips another Canadian brewer: Their Longboat Chocolate Porter is to die for. It has all the creaminess off Cadbury’s Dairy Milk with the richness of a delicious porter. Even my wife who doesn’t drink beer loves it.

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