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Snacks to Beer: Sea Laver!?

Crispy sea laver snack -- Beer Mate

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Alan — if this wasn’t a beer blog, it might well be a Japanese/Korean/Chinese food packaging blog. I can spend hours in a Japanese supermarket just marvelling at the packaging on noodles. Little fellas doing martial arts while holding chopsticks are a staple.

Kake — if you’re keen to try it, the Loon Fung Supermarket on Gerrard Street is where I picked my packet up.

Barm — yes, it has about one tenth of the calories of scratchings. Yikes.

Oh, they also sell it in the Vietnamese supermarket five minutes’ walk from my house 🙂 I rather like it. I was so excited to be able to buy it in a pub, though, that it was quite disappointed when I was thwarted!

They do a lot of good beer snacks in Russia, same style of packaging but with dried salted squid rings, small fish and other meats.

In fact I’ve just found some in the cupboard, thank’s for the reminder, no Tinkoff’s left to drink with them though, sob.

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