Beer history Germany

Baedeker on Beer #1

Extracts from Baedeker’s Handbook for Travellers — Northern Germany (1893 edn.)


The somewhat insipid ‘Weissbier, once the favourite beverage of the Berliners, is sold by Clausing, Zimmer-Str 80; Kortwich, Friedrich-Str. 94; Stüdemann, Schützen-Str. 5; Haase, Französische-Str. 10; Hahn, Behren-Str. 21.


Mumme‘, a sweet and unrefreshing kind of beer made from wheat, is sold by Kniep, Bäckerlint 4; Nettelbeck, Beckenwerper-Str, 26.


Further to the E. is Eutritzsch, where ‘Gose‘, a favourite kind of beer, may be tasted at the Gosenschenke or the Helm.