Balsamic and bulldog clips

We spotted a couple of interesting posts on Lifehacker the other week which we thought we’d share.

First up, the news that people prefer Budweiser with a drop of balsamic vinegar in, but only if they don’t know it’s there. This is another fascinating example of the influence branding and packaging — the blurb surrounding a beer — can have on our perception of its taste. It also makes us want to try adding balsamic vinegar to other crappy beers to see if it might actually improve them.

Secondly, and less excitingly, bulldog clips might be one solution to the problem of beer bottles steadfastly refusing to stack in the fridge the way they do on TV. Bulldog clips are the answer to so many of life’s problems…

2 replies on “Balsamic and bulldog clips”

I have experimented with dosing beer with Balsamic to recreate Flemmish sour ales for cooking purposes, it creates some interesting results. I have also been in sensory training sessions where they dose beer to simulate faults. Acetic acid is used to replicate acetic infection, its never fun!

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