Adnams Gunhill on cask: dark, bitter, chocolatey… somehow very northern tasting. And very much hitting the spot.

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I very much enjoyed it myself, but found one thing strange about it. A few seconds after I swallow the last of each sip, a faint buttery taste appears. I assume it’s diacetyl, but what would make it show up so long after the main taste I really can’t say.

glad you liked the Gunhill, not sure about the Northern thing but it is less overtly Hoppy and Bitter than most of our beers and is really about the malt flavours.
Thee is a bit of toffee on the beer, not sure about why it shows up later, possibly the chocolate bitterness swamps it at first, then the sweet toffee comes through

Hello, Fergus. Specifically, it reminded me a little of Tim Taylor Ram Tam, but more bitter.

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