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Those are toothpaste colours

We really expected South Korean beer Hite to taste minty because of the label — it’s light blue, silver and white, and features the slogan: “Cool and Fresh!”.

We were very disappointed when it actually turned out to taste of absolutely nothing.

On the upside, we note from their website that the canned version has packaging designed “to suit Koreans’ oral structure”. Eh?

Maybe the North Korean effort is better? Or the Chinese one that comes in a vase?

9 replies on “Those are toothpaste colours”

Heh heh. Yes, that occured to us. I also wondered if the photo above showed a meeting of the Korean wing of CAMRA?

They also make a beer with added dietary fibre. Gets you drunk, helps you poo. Win win.

Wow – strangely, I was watching Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations last night and he was in South Korea – and I was straining to see what beer they were all drinking bucketfuls of – it was this stuff, albeit with a slightly different label. ‘Cool & Fresh’ just don’t sound right on a beercan though.

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