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A Few More Quick Reviews

Carlow Brewing Company Stout (for Marks and Spencer)

This is a very satisfying stout, with a thick, creamy body, treacly malt taste and soft coffee notes at the end. There are even some slightly grassy, green-tasting hops evident. It’s 4.5% but packs a lot of depth for the strength. Definitely one to sit by the fire (radiator) with as the snow (drizzle) falls outside.

Meantime London Porter (for Marks and Spencer)

Something of a contrast to the Carlow stout — buttery, plasticky — altogether nasty, we’re afraid to report. We tried two bottles and they were both the same. The Fuller’s London Porter with which we washed away the taste was infinitely better.

Viven Imperial Ale

From a Belgian brewing in the American style. Tasty. As you might expect, in-your-face amounts of hops, with a good, balancing syrupy sweetness. What at first seemed to be a hint of Belgian spiciness was actually just from the hops and dissipated a little too quickly. A pinch of spice would have made this really special.

Dogfish Head Festina Peche

A Berliner Weiss fermented with peach juice. Tastes like you might expect — tart, a little thin, hints of peach, but not like drinking cordial, thank God. A lack of aftertaste lets it down, but we suspect it would be pleasant ice cold.

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