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Beers of the week 2010

Before we decide on our favourite beer of 2010, here’s a recap of the beers we named as ‘beer of the week’ during 2010.
  1. Sierra Nevada Unrivaled (rye beer) (our post)
  2. Mighty Oak Maldon Gold (our post)
  3. Hopdaemon Incubus (our post)
  4. Acorn Gorlovka (our post)
  5. Shotover Prospect (our post)
  6. Thornbridge Wild Swan (our post)
  7. Brodie’s Pink Pride (we said…)
  8. Meantime London Stout (at the Union)
  9. Pictish Brewer’s Gold (at the Kelham Island Tavern)
  10. Thornbridge Exposed (strawberry peppercorn stout)
  11. Acorn Motueka IPA (our post)
  12. Fuller’s Bengal Lancer (in Hammersmith)
  13. Timothy Taylor Ram Tam (at the legendary Bricklayers Arms)
  14. Duvel (a classic)
  15. Crouch Vale Sladek
  16. Thornbridge Raven Black IPA (talk of the town earlier this year)
  17. Butcombe Bitter (Somerset chauvinism)
  18. Marble Decadence (with boardgames)
  19. Our Centennial Spring Ale (egotism)
  20. Bateman’s Dark Mild
  21. Andechs Weiss
  22. Kapsreiter Pils (our Austrian incursion)
  23. Abbey Ales Bellringer
  24. Saltaire Amarillo Gold
  25. Brodie’s Eat 17 Pale Ale (an old review)
  26. Schlenkerla Helles (at Cask, with Ron P)
  27. Saltaire Blackberry Cascade (Sheffield Tap, again)
  28. De Koninck Triple (a picture paints a thousand words…)
  29. Brooklyn Lager
  30. Fantome Saison
  31. Rochefort 8
  32. Thornbridge Larkspur (Zak says…)
  33. Wolf Brewery Woild Moild
  34. Harvey’s Sussex Best
  35. Harvey’s Imperial Stout (now a firm favourite)
  36. Sam Smith’s Pure Brewed Lager (Holy cow! There’s a website now!)
  37. Crouch Vale Wild Hop (at Cask, again)
  38. Teignworthy Beachcomber
  39. Cantillon Vigneronne (an old review)
  40. Adnams Broadside
  41. York Brewery Guzzler
  42. Marble Manchester Bitter (review from our Manchester trip)
  43. Northumbrian Ale (Northumbrian Gifts)
  44. Crouch Vale Brewer’s Gold

4 replies on “Beers of the week 2010”

If Andechs Weiss is as good as their Dopplebock, that has to be an amazing beer. I’m also happy to see Rochefort 8, in my view one of the best trappists.

Happy new year!

I like this list a lot; If I did something like this it might help me organise my ramblings during end of year reviews. I love the Motueka IPA from Acorn, and It’s always nice to see Adnam’s Broadside getting props. Also, im quite impressed by the balance of your list – very nationwide – might sounds patronising but a lot blogs (mine included) just don’t get out of thier comfort zone a lot. Hope you had a good new year, too!

Hugo — Andechs Weiss is pretty much ordinary (good, better than Erdinger, but nothing super-special). It was definitely the best beer we had in that week, though, and we really enjoyed it.

Leigh — yeah, it has come out pretty well balanced. We try to be completely honest when deciding on beer of the week, which is why some of those on this list are far from being the best beers in the world, although there’s nothing we wouldn’t gladly drink again. And we do try to get about!

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