The Leaving of London

Those happy few who read this blog might have noticed that there’s not been much going on here in the last couple of months. That’s because we’ve had lots going on in our real lives: we’re moving to Cornwall.

This isn’t one of those A House in the Sun-style escapes from the city, just a job opportunity too good to turn down.

Now it’s all agreed and the move is underway, it’s suddenly hit home to us what we’ll be leaving behind. We’ve never claimed London has the best pub scene in Britain (for a city its size, really good pubs are weirdly scarce) but, nonetheless, it’s been getting better and better since we started blogging, and there’s lots we’re going to miss.

In the next few posts, we’re going to record our one-last-time visits to old haunts and try to catalogue our favourite London pubs in some kind of orderly fashion.

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Always fancied a move to the South West, probably too much River Cottage though! Good luck with the move and I am looking forward to reading about your discoveries down there.

I’ve never been in Cornwall but I heard is a extremely beautiful place. I hope everything goes fine there, and good luck! Keep posts coming!

Wow, big upheaval. Still, it’s a lovely part of the country. I know what you mean about the realisation of what you leave hitting you, though… Good luck, looking forward to your Final Tour 😉

It’s a strange thing leaving a place you’ve lived for a long time. You never actually get over it in some ways, as the place you left is always there inside you. That’s kind of good too of course.

On the other hand, lots of new people and places and of course pubs. Pity about the Doom Bar which I hear is ubiquitous there!

Best of luck to you both.

All the best guys. This blog was an inspiration and has been an excellent source of London-based beer information over the years.

I hope you won’t be hanging up your blogging hats and keep us informed on what’s hot or not in Cornwall!

(Was going to make a funny about Proper Job but Beer Nut got in there ridiculously quick!)

Beer Nut — you should be on a panel show. (That is meant as a compliment.)

Al — I will be making nettle pies and patronising the locals, very much after the fashion of HFW.

Glyn — we will make it to the Rake, and will introduce ourselves at last!

We’ll probably blog a bit less than in the past, but more than in the last month… hopefully, we’ll be able to use this as an opportunity to explore all of the West Country, and get to the microbrewery on the Isles of Scilly.

All the very best. Hopefully you will keep the blog going from the SW. BTW I was sorting out my beer cupboard this morning and unearthed a six pack of Zywiec Porter with your names on it 🙂 Beer Exposed seems like a lifetime ago and I don’t think our paths have crossed since even though we have been to pretty much the same pubs and beer festivals etc. Cheers Steve

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