A new pub in East London

A bottle of Otley beer.

One of the things we’re real­ly going to miss about Lon­don is how new places to drink decent beer seem to pop up every five min­utes, often with very lit­tle fan­fare.

Mason & Tay­lor has very recent­ly opened on Beth­nal Green Road, sell­ing ‘craft beer’ to the trendies of East Lon­don. It fea­tures beers from the Cam­den Town Brew­ery (includ­ing a Helles  which is bet­ter than Mean­time’s); some very inter­est­ing Bel­gian and Amer­i­can choic­es on tap (Brook­lyn, West­malle Dubbel); three cask ales (from Dark Star and Pic­tish this time) and loads and loads of bot­tles.

Boak had Molen­bier – gor­geous, dense, sweet and sour – while Bai­ley went for Otley 08, also a bar­ley wine. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, although quite like­able, this tast­ed a bit too much of raw alco­hol and grass and could pos­si­bly have done to mature a bit longer. Full cred­it to the wait­ress­es though, with expert com­men­tary on the beer and good pour­ing tech­nique (“it’s bot­tle con­di­tioned so I’ll leave the sed­i­ment in the bot­tom”).

The food is tapas-style, but not at all Span­ish. We had a lit­tle plate of sausage and mash and breast of wood­pi­geon with chut­ney. The style of cook­ing remind­ed us of some of the more upmar­ket bars in San Sebas­t­ian.

Over­all, M&T is def­i­nite­ly going for a cool crowd, but isn’t shy about its beer geek­ery either: they were proud­ly adver­tis­ing a sin­gle hop ale fes­ti­val at the end of April, for exam­ple. We hope it suc­ceeds, though, for now, it seems a lit­tle qui­et for this buzzing part of town.

Tan­dle­man liked it too although he ques­tioned the qual­i­ty of the cask ale – hope­ful­ly, that’s some­thing they’ll sort quick­ly.

2 thoughts on “A new pub in East London”

  1. I live a minis­cule bus ride from Mason & Tay­lor (and, indeed, the stop for the 388 bus home is placed direct­ly out­side the door, so I can basi­cal­ly just fall into it).

    Here’s a chal­lenge Mr Tan­dle­man – I know you liked the Ker­nel cask beer at the Dean Swift (albeit you thought it not in the best nick), but do try one of the c.7% bot­tled IPAs (par­tic­u­lar­ly the SCANNS or Cit­ra). I think you’d like them a lot.

    I agree the food is fun – not too pricey, either, if you’ve a restrained appetite.

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