Pub matures with clientele

Even though we no longer live in Lon­don, we’ve got a spe­cial rea­son to be excit­ed by the news that the Red Lion in Ley­ton­stone has reopened. It was Boak’s teenage haunt, and we’re very much enjoy­ing reports of its Phoenix-like re-emer­gence from the friends she used to go there with.

These aren’t beer geeks, you under­stand – they are thir­tysome­things, most of them now par­ents, who fond­ly recall that the last time they drank there they were “kit­ted out in an out­fit sourced entire­ly from the shit heaps of Cam­den mar­ket, drink­ing things that should only be used for the clean­ing of toi­lets, and smok­ing cigs… ponced off some­one else”.

The pub, we are told, now fea­tures such ameni­ties as toi­let paper, win­dows and light­ing. It also offers what, for that neck of the woods, is an excit­ing sound­ing range of beers. Let’s hope it lives up to its promise and can cope with what promis­es to be enor­mous demand.

3 thoughts on “Pub matures with clientele”

  1. popped in last night, seems promis­ing – from mem­o­ry, 5 hand pumps, 5 for “craft keg” or cider, plus the stan­dard cook­ing lagers (sen­si­ble move, not sure Ley­ton­stone could take a Southamp­ton Arms style ale-or-noth­ing move). not sure the sparse inte­ri­or will seem very invit­ing (or warm!) in win­ter, but pos­si­bly more work is planned. also the music was unnec­es­sary, and at that irri­tat­ing lev­el where it’s too qui­et to hear prop­er­ly but loud enough to have to talk over, and they serve all ales in dim­ple mugs, which seems to be the default for trendy beer places now…

  2. I’ve only had a brief, beer-free look in. Have to say it looks very promis­ing and prob­a­bly the most excit­ing thing to hap­pen to The ‘Stone since the M11 protests. Hop­ing to have a ‘prop­er’ vis­it tonight or over the week­end.

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