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And shall Trelawney die?

Hand pump for St Austell's Trelawny ale.

Being down in the West Country, it’s fair to say we’re not short of St. Austell pubs, usually carrying the same range: Tribute, HSD and, if you’re lucky, Proper Job. So we were excited to hear about a new brew, Trelawney, which was launched at the Royal Cornwall Show. (You have no idea, by the way, what a big deal The Show is down here.)

Trelawney is a light brown brew, at 3.8%, with Tasmanian Galaxy hops. It’s darker than Tribute but has a similar coppery glow.

At a guess, it might be an attempt to update old fellers’ favourite, Tinners. Our first thoughts are it will fill that slot quite well, as it’s not too scarily hoppy and satisfies the perceived need for “something brownish” to go with the ever-dominant Tribute. It didn’t immediately grab us, though, being a little burnt-sugar sweet (rather than malty) with some fairly nondescript, harsh hops at the end. Still, we were in Devon, on the wrong side of the Tamar, so maybe we’ll have a proper Cornish pint before passing final judgement.

When are St. Austell going to get Ron in and do a Fuller’s? All of these old family brewers should give this a go.

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