Can everyone just grow up

We couldn’t sum up our feel­ings about the lat­est Brewdog/CAMRA spat in a Tweet, so here’s a quick post.

In short, based on what we’ve read so far, we’re annoyed at both par­ties.

Brew­dog make some beers we real­ly love. The cur­rent bot­tled ver­sion of Punk IPA is far bet­ter than many of the cask ales we can eas­i­ly get where we live.

And CAMRA is a great insti­tu­tion. We keep renew­ing our mem­ber­ship because, broad­ly speak­ing, we know they’re the good­ies – the Rebel­lion fac­ing off against the sin­is­ter Galac­tic Empire of crap­py beer.

But Brewdog’s relent­less pur­suit of pub­lic­i­ty and atten­tion-seek­ing is real­ly bor­ing. They’ve got nice beer, good design – why do they need to be so malev­o­lent? Is ‘irri­tat­ing’ one of their ‘brand val­ues’? They posi­tion them­selves as under­dogs but are begin­ning to look like school bul­lies.

And CAMRA… well, they make us sad. Why can’t they just try to turn the oth­er cheek, show some states­man-like dig­ni­ty, and make their crit­ics look pet­ty and bad-tem­pered for once? Brew­dog take the piss and push and push, hop­ing for a con­tro­ver­sy, and CAMRA give them one. To be fair, Marc Holmes, GBBF organ­is­er, has giv­en an impres­sive­ly calm, dig­ni­fied response, but it’s a bit late now.

Those who already have a down­er on CAMRA, or aren’t sure it has val­ues they can buy into, will have had their prej­u­dices con­firmed and might not both­er read­ing beyond the Brew­dog PR.

Whether there is any flex in its prin­ci­ples or not (not, seems to be the answer, which is fine, as long as we know where we are) CAMRA needs to work twice as hard to show it’s not grumpy, prick­ly and pet­ty.

9 thoughts on “Can everyone just grow up”

  1. Thanks for this, and for sav­ing me the both­er of exer­cis­ing my own writ­ing abil­i­ties fur­ther on the sub­ject by say­ing every­thing I would have said so elo­quent­ly.

  2. Couldn’t get on the com­put­er today so it passed me by entire­ly. Not exact­ly a major sur­prise that Brew­dog won’t be hav­ing a bar at the GBBF is it?

    1. Ed – yes, basi­cal­ly we’re back at square one, only Brew­dog have got free pub­lic­i­ty at the expense of Camra’s pub­lic image.

    1. Fraid not. We were nev­er 100 per cent con­vinced by it any­way, and now we live in Corn­wall, we’ve got the per­fect excuse not to both­er…

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