Pleasant Surprise from Greene King

We did­n’t have high hopes for a non-bot­tle-con­di­tioned Greene King beer in a clear bot­tle, but Suf­folk Springer (6%) is actu­al­ly very decent.

Our bot­tle was­n’t skunked (luck of the draw?) and the beer was as dark and lus­cious as any Bel­gian dubbel. There was sweet, milky choco­late to start, fol­lowed by cher­ries, dates and Christ­mas pud­ding. It was also a touch sour which sug­gests to us that there’s a slug of some­thing com­plex in the blend. Turns out we were right – it’s blend­ed with some of their famous 5X old ale.

So, thanks to Bai­ley’s dad for the tip and the gift!

Goes to show you should nev­er write off any brew­ery alto­geth­er.

Here’s what Des de Moor thought; and a slight­ly Goth­ic review at the Bot­tled Beer Year.

5 thoughts on “Pleasant Surprise from Greene King”

  1. GK are much maligned and rather unfair­ly I often think. A bit like Tesco. But then I’m biased. Size seems to be an issue for many. I accept they do suf­fer from qual­i­ty prob­lems in some pubs but that’s more down to the pubs than the brew­ery side of the busi­ness.

  2. Paul – we had a sim­i­lar con­ver­sa­tion about Wad­worth with some peo­ple on Twit­ter the oth­er day. If every pint of GK IPA we’ve had in the last five years has been bor­ing at best but, more usu­al­ly, rot­ten (i.e. stale or off), when do we stop feel­ing sor­ry for the poor brew­er whose beer is being bad­ly treat­ed by nasty land­lords, and start think­ing it might just be shite beer? Then again, I’ve heard that hops are a good preser­v­a­tive. They could try putting some of those in it.…

    TBN – espe­cial­ly as, in this case, the beer is so dark it looks like it’s in a brown bot­tle any­way.

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