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Ron Pat­tin­son has just pub­lished a real­ly great blog post about “amber beer”.

We’ll admit it: we some­times strug­gle with the lev­el of schol­ar­ly detail on Ron’s blog. This post, though, is real­ly illu­mi­nat­ing.

It’s inter­est­ing to us for a cou­ple of rea­sons.

First, because when we first start­ed brew­ing, we tried to make some­thing called an amber beer based on a recipe we found on some cor­ner of the inter­net. It did­n’t work, but the malt smelled incred­i­ble.

Sec­ond­ly, Ron talks about pun­ters with a fixed idea of what a beer should cost  – 3d. That remind­ed us of the Czech Repub­lic, where we got the impres­sion that big­ger brew­ers were dumb­ing their beer down to keep to a mag­ic price point that local pun­ters demand.

In the UK, we seem to have smashed through £3 a pint with­out blood on the streets, but we were wor­ried there for a while.

5 thoughts on “Read Ron on Amber Beer”

  1. Hi

    Did you guys mash with amber malt or some­thing like in Ron’s post­ing pale and black malt with a low O.G.?

  2. It was years ago, but I think we used almost all amber malt, mis­un­der­stand­ing com­plete­ly what it was and how it should be used. (Maybe there is a dif­fer­ence between what amber malt means in the US and the UK, and we were using a US recipe? Can’t quite recall how we made such a mess of it.)

    Noth­ing like the beer Ron’s describ­ing!

  3. I think it also looks a bit dif­fer­ent to Mar­tyns book (Amber Gold and Black), must look over it this evening

    Also mod­ern amber malt has no diasta­t­ic pow­er gen­er­al­ly, but there is one avail­able

  4. Cur­mud­geon – true, and you can still get a sub-£2 pint in a Sam Smith’s pub in Lon­don, but our two locals here in Corn­wall both charge more than £3 a pint as stan­dard, and nei­ther are posh places. (Or tourist pubs.)

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