Pop Culture and Beer

Boat with ABBA hallo written on the side
That weird boat in Lübeck with ABBA hal­lo writ­ten on it for no obvi­ous rea­son.

These are just a cou­ple of thoughts prompt­ed by reac­tions to our last post.

1. You can’t write a set of rules for “cool”. Try­ing to define “good beer” or “craft beer”* in a form as def­i­nite as the CAMRA con­cep­tion of “real ale” is impos­si­ble. Defin­ing “indie” is pret­ty tough, too, but you know it when you see it.

2. Peo­ple have often have very dif­fer­ent taste in music or films when they’re just find­ing their way than they do lat­er in life. They might start with the pre­ten­tious stuff and get over them­selves; or they might pre­fer brash, loud and atten­tion-grab­bing, but begin to appre­ci­ate some­thing more thought­ful as they mature. Our respec­tive dads thought our respec­tive tastes in music were ter­ri­ble, but they were just glad we liked music at all.# If peo­ple just start­ing out on beer hap­pen to get all excit­ed about Guin­ness, or crazi­ly hop­py Amer­i­can IPAs, we should be encour­ag­ing them, not sneer­ing.


*. Actu­al­ly, we’re not going to foot­note ‘craft beer’ every time we use it. We’re going to link to this new per­ma­nent page.

#. That sen­tence is a per­fect exam­ple of what a pain in arse this “two blog­gers with one voice” thing can be. That’s the last time we’ll men­tion our respec­tive dads…

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  1. Agreed. We ‘the blog­gers’ preach in vary­ing guis­es and if peo­ple are recep­tive to some­thing we said and run with it, albeit that some­times they may run back­wards, we should be sup­port­ive of their epiphany all the same!

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