Session #57: Forgive us, Blogoshire…

A Bavarian feller with a wheat beer.

Session #57: beery confessions is hosted by the affable Steve at Beersiveknown. Here are ours.


1. I didn’t drink until after I’d graduated from university; I used to drink Foster’s and was very pleased with myself when I graduated to Greene King IPA.

2. When Boak is away on business, I sometimes treat myself to a six pack of Becks which I drink straight from the bottles in front of CSI. (That in itself is a non-beery guilty pleasure.)

3. I like sweetened krieks — the ones that are usually described as “dumbed down”. I guess I’m dumb, but I don’t care.


1. Our corporate line is that Orval is great stuff but — honestly — I don’t really know what the I’m supposed to be enjoying so much. There are hundreds of beers I prefer.

2. When I’m away on business, I like to buy a six pack of Becks and drink it straight from the bottle in my hotel room. (Nah, only kidding:  it tastes like spit.)

3. Seriously, when I’m away on business, I often get cravings for Wetherspoon’s bargain comfort food and sneak in for a dirty burger or fish and chips.

4. When I was a teenager, I thought Red Stripe was the classy, connoisseur’s choice, once I’d graduated from snakebite and black in the Red Lion, E11.


Have you worked out the relevance of the picture yet? No, nor have we.

11 replies on “Session #57: Forgive us, Blogoshire…”

Woo-hoo I’m affable (i had to google it to double-check what it meant…more guilty confessions)

Bailey, I quite enjoy a sweetened kriek too at the right moment, sometimes a sweetened one works better with really bitter chocolate

Boak, you should never be ashamed of wetherspoons consumption…yes it is homogenous food but some of it is pretty damned tasty and great value too. I’ve not tried enough Orval to pass judgement but I have one for next thursday (my birthday) bottled on my birthday last year.

Boak – I’ve never quite been able to find the correct words to describe Becks. I now have them and I thank you for that and for the confession that delivered them to me.

Also, my yesteryear ‘classy’ beer of choice was also Red Stripe. I sometimes still drink it in the park on a hot day and wear my t-shirt like a Legionnaire’s hat.

Steve – I can’t help it, I always feel a bit grubby afterwards (but will have eaten and drunk several usually-decent pints for less than a tenner, which helps)

Broadford Brewer – oh yes, that conjures up all sorts of memories of going to free festivals with a four-pack (oh happy day when I could afford a six pack for the first time!)

Oblivious — except we slag JDW off 90% of the time… rank hypocrisy on Boak’s part. I’m disgusted.

Away on business is like the last time I would patronise Wetherspoons. Don’t you get subsistence?

I like sweet commercial gueuze too. Once I bought a six pack of Belle-Vue gueuze in Ostende station and drank it on the train to Cologne. Lovely.

Bailey – I don’t think #3 is all that bad. I hear a lot of beer people saying that this lambic or that lambic isn’t real or authentic, but they have yet to try them.

Boak – I don’t think Orval is a slam-dunk. It’s not for everyone. I like one now and again, but it surely isn’t in my top-10.

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