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Beer season on the BBC (if only)


Watching Beer Amongst the Belgians, the proof of concept pilot for a TV series hosted by one of our favourite beer writers, Tim Webb, it’s easy to imagine it fitting nicely into a season of programmes about beer on BBC Four.

Perhaps, in the same season, there might be room for Lew Bryson’s proposed American Beer Blogger series? Or something with Pete Brown?

We’d certainly love to see some compilations of of vintage beer advertising (see above, but there’s no shortage).

A while back, the BBC showed a documentary about an artisanal baker building up to a national competition, perfecting his recipe, sourcing ingredients and exploring new techniques in search of a competitive edge. Contrived drama, sure, but wouldn’t a similar show about a small brewery be interesting?

And, finally, the BFI has some great archive documentaries about British pubs — those would round out a season nicely.

How about it, Auntie?

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Tim’s a natural, but sadly if the BBC did a beer season I would fear it would have to have celebrity chefs leading the charge joined by reality tv types and the odd actor down on their luck who has been seen in a pub with a thimble of Old Speckled Guinea Fowl. Not that I’m cynical of course…Now I’m off to do a local radio interview.

ATJ — said chefs would begin each show by saying: “Obviously, beer isn’t a patch on wine but, if you’re some kind of prole, it has its place…”

Hairy Bikers did a sympathetic programme dedicated to beer and cider. It was on a few days ago. Being re-broadcast in primetime in Jan i’m told. It included a big wine v. beer food matching segment – beer won.

Jeff — somehow completely missed that. We got the impression it was their usual show with a bit of beer in it. We’ll try to catch it in the New Year, if it’s not on iPlayer.

TM — you don’t fancy hosting a show yourself? You could be the Neil Oliver of beer.

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