Golden Pints 2011

This is our con­tri­bu­tion to The Gold­en Pints 2011, run by Beer Reviews and Mark Dredge.

Best UK Draught (Cask or Keg) Beer: Pen­zance Brew­ing Com­pa­ny Potion 9 (4%)
From our near­est brew­ery and, in fact, prob­a­bly the last brew­ery in the coun­try. (Every­thing down here claims to be the last, most souther­ly or most west­er­ly one in the coun­try.) Best con­sumed where it is brewed, at the Star Inn in Crowlas.

Best UK Bot­tled or Canned Beer: Fuller’s Past Mas­ters XX Strong Ale (7.4%)
We liked the idea and liked the beer; and, as we’ve worked through a case, it’s slow­ly become one of our absolute favourites.

Best Over­seas Draught Beer: none
We haven’t had a for­eign draft beer which has real­ly blown us away. They often seem a lit­tle stale by the time they reach the UK and (boo hoo) we haven’t been to Ger­many, the Czech Repub­lic or Bel­gium this year.

Best Over­seas Bot­tled or Canned Beer: West­malle Tripel
A new beer from an up-and-com­ing lit­tle brew­ery you might have heard of…

Best UK Brew­ery: Thorn­bridge
When we go into a strange pub and see a Thorn­bridge pump­clip, we get excit­ed. Vari­ety, con­sis­tent qual­i­ty (at least in our expe­ri­ence) and style.

Pub/Bar of the Year: The Sheffield Tap
A great idea, great premis­es and great beer, and still going strong after a cou­ple of years. We look for­ward to a Tap in every city. (Bris­tol next, please!)

Beer Fes­ti­val of the Year: CAMRA Ker­now, Fal­mouth
The only one we’ve been to this year. We had a great time.

Super­mar­ket of the Year: Marks and Spencer
Their own range is var­ied and inter­est­ing and the qual­i­ty keeps improv­ing. Top marks for labelling, too.

Online Retail­er of the Year: Beer­mer­chants
We’ve found them reli­able, friend­ly and they have the beer we want (Bel­gian, most­ly) at the right price.

Best Beer Book or Mag­a­zine: CAM­RA’s quar­ter­ly BEER Mag­a­zine
Where What’s Brew­ing is still the pre­serve of the man-in-blaz­er pho­to­graph and moldy old Keg Buster strip, BEER feels like a 21st cen­tu­ry pub­li­ca­tion with an inclu­sive atti­tude and arti­cles from many of our favourite beer writ­ers.

Best Beer Blog or Web­site: it’s com­pli­cat­ed
Any blog we’ve linked to in a post this year is one we like and/or find inter­est­ing. If pushed, though… The Beer Nut does make us laugh, and write beer reviews like nobody else.

11 thoughts on “Golden Pints 2011”

  1. Aww, thanks!

    Lest it look like pass-the-parcelism, you are up for a Gold­en Pint on the draft ver­sion my list. Though that’s not to say you’ll still be there by the time I fin­ish and pub­lish it, mind. Stay hun­gry.

  2. Inter­est­ing choic­es there, not had any­thing from Pen­zance but I take it on rec­om­men­da­tion.

    Your beer fest win­ner remind­ed me to ask you if you’d man­aged to find any Coastal beers yet, their Ker­now was bril­liant?
    What’s the con­nec­tion?


  3. We did find some Coastal at the Star Inn. (Apart from the PZB beers, it’s also the best place around here to find inter­est­ing guest ales.) We loved it and will cer­tain­ly be look­ing out for more.

    Don’t quite under­stand your con­nec­tion ques­tion…?

    1. Coastal do a 9% stout (if I remem­ber cor­rect­ly) called Ker­now.

      In your post “Beer Fes­ti­val of the Year: CAMRA Ker­now, Fal­mouth” I had always assumed the name relat­ed to some­thing russ­ian because of the beer, had­n’t realised it was a Cor­nish place until I just googled it. Cheers

      1. Ah, won­dered if that was what you meant. Yeah, it’s “Corn­wall” in Cor­nish. (Bonus fact: my school care­tak­er was called Mr Curnow – assume his fam­i­ly were Cor­nish way back.)

  4. Con­cur with you on M&S, the stan­dard for how own brand beers should be made/marketed. On your hope, the most mag­i­cal of phras­es appears on the Euston cider tap twit­ter feed, “Bris­tol Tap is on its way”, as a fre­quent user of Tem­ple Meads, this is fan­tas­tic news 🙂

  5. Did it!? We’re not fol­low­ing the Cider Tap feed (only so many taps we can fol­low…) so missed that. Great news. My lit­tle broth­er lives in Bris­tol and the worst bit of any trip to see him is sit­ting around at Tem­ple Meads wait­ing for a delayed train with only the Wild Pump­kin Cof­fee Com­pa­ny (or what­ev­er it’s called).

  6. Nice round-up – and I total­ly agree about the gulf between WB and BEER. On a per­son­al note guys, It’s great to see you back blog­ging and – if I may say so – your con­tent in the last 6 months has been excel­lent. Have a great new year.…!

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