Falmouth’s Must Visit Pub

The Front pub in Falmouth, Cornwall

The Front in Fal­mouth (CAMRA Corn­wal­l’s pub of the year) is a cork­er. It always has a long list of ales from a range of brew­eries; bot­tled beer from Amer­i­ca and Bel­gium; and (because this is the West Coun­try, let’s not for­get) sev­er­al inter­est­ing ciders. We’ve found the bar staff unfail­ing­ly friend­ly and enthu­si­as­tic on our sev­er­al vis­its, and the build­ing itself is the very mod­el of cosy, well-worn wonk­i­ness.

Now, it’s not per­fect. On our most recent trip, we looked at the pump clips and despaired, recog­nis­ing sev­er­al Cor­nish brew­eries whose beers are, at best, bland and, more often, sad­ly undrink­able. We were momen­tar­i­ly stumped – there was­n’t much we actu­al­ly want­ed to drink.

For­tu­nate­ly, Tin­tagel saved the day. Their Har­bour Spe­cial (4.8%) was a dark amber delight with lots of cit­rusy hops up against choco­latey, roasty malt. Gwaf Tan (Win­ter Fire) (5.5%) was roasti­er still, with hints of rum and Christ­mas fruit – an attempt at a Bur­ton, we think, but almost dark enough to pass for a stout in the low light.

The Fron­t’s local loy­al­ty is to be applaud­ed but per­haps there’s some­thing to be said for adjust­ing the bal­ance to fea­ture more beer from else­where in the UK to keep the local brew­ers on their toes?

At any rate, if you are vis­it­ing Corn­wall, and like beer, this pub should cer­tain­ly be on your itin­er­ary. We’ll cer­tain­ly be vis­it­ing again soon.


1. On pre­vi­ous vis­its, we’ve been spoilt for choice, and excel­lent local brew­eries such as Coastal are more often found here than any­where else.

2. Pints and Pubs liked Har­bour Spe­cial too.

8 thoughts on “Falmouth’s Must Visit Pub”

  1. Good post and some­thing I com­plete­ly agree with. Too much empha­sis on “local” over “qual­i­ty” does nobody any favours.

  2. I com­plete­ly agree, some beers local­ly here in Staffordshire/Cheshire areas fit that bill per­fect­ly. We also suf­fer anoth­er reverse phe­nom­e­na local­ly where we seem to get brews from far and wide and yet miss some real­ly god local brew­eries alto­geth­er.
    As an exam­ple we get reg­u­lar beers from Coastal, three in the last 10 days, yet I’ve nev­er seen a beer from say, Bux­ton brew­ery that are less than 20 miles away ever…
    I has­ten to add there is noth­ing wring with Coastal, most of the beers I’ve tried have been real­ly good, it’s the prin­ci­ple, prob­a­bly price and beer swap dri­ven.

  3. Phil – yes, you see more Coastal than we do, and they’re only 20 mins on the train from where we live! (Although the brew­er being from Crewe prob­a­bly has pub/CAMRA con­nec­tions in your neck of the woods…?)

  4. I could­n’t pos­si­bly agree more about Tin­tagel’s ales. Pitch per­fect, every one of ’em. 🙂

  5. Inter­est­ing post, thanks for the link. Cul­tur­al­ly, Corn­wall has a lot more in com­mon with Som­er­set than Lon­don (peo­ple down here refer to me as “local” when I tell them I’m from Som­er­set, despite the four hour train jour­ney) but, yes, there is some­thing sin­is­ter (if under­stand­able) about St Austel­l’s play for the whole of the South West.

    As it hap­pens, we also real­ly rate St Austel­l’s beer, and Trib­ute is in a dif­fer­ent league to Doom Bar.

    Mind you, it’s not like Bris­tol is short of brew­eries!

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