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What wedge?

Wedge Antilles from Star Wars. Get it? Eh? Get it? Say no more.

  • The smoking ban is the thin end of the wedge: they’ll ban beer, hamburgers and sex next, now the foot is in the door.
  • Craft beer bars are the thin end of the wedge: soon, we’ll all either be drinking tinnies at home or paying £12 a pint for kegged IPA in chrome-plated palaces.
  • Liking the occasional Brewdog beer is the thin end of the wedge: if you admit to that, you’re buying wholesale into their awful marketing gimmicks and supporting their diabolical plans for world domination.
  • Acknowledging that some keg beer can be pretty good is the thin end of the wedge: it can only lead to the total disappearance of cask ale from the UK.
  • Suggesting that one beer is better than the other is the thin end of the wedge: the next step is riding around in limos swigging from diamond-encrusted bottles of US IPA, whipping peasants and laughing at them as they drink their foul swill.
  • Going outside is the thin end of the wedge: it can only lead to getting mugged or murdered. Best stay indoors.

We’re not at all convinced there is a wedge and we don’t want to waste our time fretting at every change or development.

Why don’t we just see how things play out and, while we’re employing cliches, cross some of those bridges when we come to them?

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Yes, nice post. and I entirely agree. Although I don’t often (well, try not to) get involved in blog posts that generally deal with the more ‘thoughtful’ side of things (ie I try and stick to beer – and food – seeing as though thats what TGS is actually about), I must admit there’s been a lot of hand-wringing and …well, moaning going on a lot lately. Looks like I might have to wade in; hopefully my will remain strong enough to stay out of it but you never know….

Simon — no, the thin end of the wedge is mentioning the smoking ban.

Leigh — one of things that makes your and The Beer Nut’s blogs calm places to be is the focus on the subject at hand and a resistance to being drawn into debate/squabbling/arguing/furious personal attacks. Having said that, we always quite enjoy it when you do join the debate, so perhaps treat yourself every few weeks…

I’m liking this wedge.

*goes back to sipping £50 beer from a stoat and waiting for next delivery of bespoke ‘Racer 5’ in the Swarovsky bottles*

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