What wedge?

Wedge Antilles from Star Wars. Get it? Eh? Get it? Say no more.

  • The smok­ing ban is the thin end of the wedge: they’ll ban beer, ham­burg­ers and sex next, now the foot is in the door.
  • Craft beer bars are the thin end of the wedge: soon, we’ll all either be drink­ing tin­nies at home or pay­ing £12 a pint for kegged IPA in chrome-plat­ed palaces.
  • Lik­ing the occa­sion­al Brew­dog beer is the thin end of the wedge: if you admit to that, you’re buy­ing whole­sale into their awful mar­ket­ing gim­micks and sup­port­ing their dia­bol­i­cal plans for world dom­i­na­tion.
  • Acknowl­edg­ing that some keg beer can be pret­ty good is the thin end of the wedge: it can only lead to the total dis­ap­pear­ance of cask ale from the UK.
  • Sug­gest­ing that one beer is bet­ter than the oth­er is the thin end of the wedge: the next step is rid­ing around in limos swig­ging from dia­mond-encrust­ed bot­tles of US IPA, whip­ping peas­ants and laugh­ing at them as they drink their foul swill.
  • Going out­side is the thin end of the wedge: it can only lead to get­ting mugged or mur­dered. Best stay indoors.

We’re not at all con­vinced there is a wedge and we don’t want to waste our time fret­ting at every change or devel­op­ment.

Why don’t we just see how things play out and, while we’re employ­ing clich­es, cross some of those bridges when we come to them?

7 thoughts on “What wedge?”

  1. Yes, nice post. and I entire­ly agree. Although I don’t often (well, try not to) get involved in blog posts that gen­er­al­ly deal with the more ‘thought­ful’ side of things (ie I try and stick to beer – and food – see­ing as though thats what TGS is actu­al­ly about), I must admit there’s been a lot of hand-wring­ing and …well, moan­ing going on a lot late­ly. Looks like I might have to wade in; hope­ful­ly my will remain strong enough to stay out of it but you nev­er know.…

  2. Simon – no, the thin end of the wedge is men­tion­ing the smok­ing ban.

    Leigh – one of things that makes your and The Beer Nut’s blogs calm places to be is the focus on the sub­ject at hand and a resis­tance to being drawn into debate/squabbling/arguing/furious per­son­al attacks. Hav­ing said that, we always quite enjoy it when you do join the debate, so per­haps treat your­self every few weeks…

  3. I’m lik­ing this wedge.

    *goes back to sip­ping £50 beer from a stoat and wait­ing for next deliv­ery of bespoke ‘Rac­er 5’ in the Swarovsky bot­tles*

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