Mrs Beeton on Table Beer


191. INGREDIENTS.–2 lbs. of shin beef, 3 quarts of water, 1 pint of table-beer, 2 onions, 2 car­rots, 2 turnips, 1 head of cel­ery ; pep­per and salt to taste ; thick­en­ing of but­ter and flour.

Mode.–Put the meat, beer, and water in a stew­pan ; sim­mer for a few min­utes and skim care­ful­ly. Add the veg­eta­bles and sea­son­ing ; stew gen­tly, and skim care­ful­ly. Add the veg­eta­bles and sea­son­ing ; stew gen­tly until the meat is ten­der. Thick­en with the but­ter and flour, and serve with turnips and car­rots, or spinach and cel­ery.

Time.–3 hours, or rather more. Aver­age cost, 3d. per quart.

Sea­son­able at any time. Suf­fi­cient for 12 per­sons.

TABLE BEER.–This is noth­ing more than a weak ale, and is not made so much with a view to strength, as to trans­paren­cy of colour and agree­able bit­ter­ness of taste. It is, or ought to be, man­u­fac­tured by the Lon­don pro­fes­sion­al brew­ers, from the best pale malt, or amber and malt. Six bar­rels are usu­al­ly drawn from one quart of malt, with which are mixed 4 or 5 lbs. of hops. As a bev­er­age, it is agree­able when fresh ; but it is not adapt­ed to keep long.

(From Mrs Beeton’s Book of House­hold Man­age­ment, 1861; typos Mrs Beeton’s own.)

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  1. I’ll be round at my mum’s tomor­row, I’ll have to check out her edi­tion of ‘Mrs Bee­ton’, I think it’s a 1950s updat­ed ver­sion though.

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