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Conversation Beer

Last night, we both needed a pint, and met after work for more Spring Brew. We were tired and the conversation was sparse as we tackled nascent headaches, checked the last few work emails of the day and tinkered with our to-do list.

After the first half pint, as the pub began to buzz, we started to relax and the serious debriefing commenced.

After two pints, we’d got on to abstract topics and didn’t want to go home to sit in front of the telly and so…

We had a third pint, made it last, and made each other laugh.

Did the beer improve the conversation, or did the conversation improve the beer? Sometimes, they’re the same thing. That’s what “having a pint” really means.

Here’s Barm on the link between session beer and socialising; and here’s Phil fighting the urge to turn into ‘Pilot Light’.

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