Conversation Beer

Last night, we both need­ed a pint, and met after work for more Spring Brew. We were tired and the con­ver­sa­tion was sparse as we tack­led nascent headaches, checked the last few work emails of the day and tin­kered with our to-do list.

After the first half pint, as the pub began to buzz, we start­ed to relax and the seri­ous debrief­ing com­menced.

After two pints, we’d got on to abstract top­ics and didn’t want to go home to sit in front of the tel­ly and so…

We had a third pint, made it last, and made each oth­er laugh.

Did the beer improve the con­ver­sa­tion, or did the con­ver­sa­tion improve the beer? Some­times, they’re the same thing. That’s what “hav­ing a pint” real­ly means.

Here’s Barm on the link between ses­sion beer and social­is­ing; and here’s Phil fight­ing the urge to turn into ‘Pilot Light’.

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