real ale

Too Much Hard Work

There are some beers you never really get to know beyond a first impression — those you find on your travels, or select from a Bible-sized menu in a craft beer bar. One night stands. You label them good or bad, or maybe mark them out of ten.

Others, not always through choice, you get to know well, drinking them week after week, year after year. After enough pints, you begin to get a feeling for what they’re like at their best and the confidence to say: “It isn’t meant to taste this way.”

You cease thinking of those beers as good or bad; instead, you talk about whether they’re reliable, temperamental, “on good form at the moment”.

Some, you come to trust — seven out of ten pints of Beer X will be good — while others, you give up on. Like a bad-tempered acquaintance who’s only fun once in a blue moon, you decide they’re just too much hard work.

P.S. The Keeling Theory of Beery Haircuts is relevant here.